Wednesday, 9 June 2010


One morning while exploring this new world with Grah, an extremely funny and kind young aussie man that I had met as I explored on my own, we noticed a lady named Queenie at the MMAC. She was funny and she liked our humor. Queenie was new to this world too, just like us. The 3 of us quickly became friends.
Grah and I explored this new world together daily and added new friends along the way. Grah knew of this little place with good music and he and I went there every morning. Noticing several chairs out on the front porch and a small fire burning, we thought it was the perfect place to TP (Teleport) our friends and have morning coffee, which quickly turned into group therapy sessions. During these sessions, we met more new friends, one of which was Swina Allen.
Swina is from Italy, and even though his English at that time was not so good, he somehow knew our humor and would LOL with us and contribute to our therapy sessions every day. Soon Swina and I were hanging out at his place, the Italian Mood. "The Mood" was the place that quickly became my home in this new world. A place where we laughed and played and a place where I made more new friends.

Monday, 7 June 2010


It all began in early 2007 in a world unlike any world I have ever seen. From the comfort of my big chair, I logged into this world and became a cartoon. My life was forever changed. This is a story about the experiences I have had in this world, and the people that I have shared those experiences with.

Everything I will write about is true. I could not make this stuff up!